Bound in metal and ass-fucked by the machine

Kylie is perfect in this shoot! See her videoset Everything Butt also to compare. But this time she is bound in hard at Device Bondage. Trapped in a custom metal prison for one that sticks her big ass up in the air. And her ass is filled with a fuck-saw machine that shows no mercy. Kylie was overwhelmed from the start. Being that helpless, unable to move even a little, with a machine about to drill your ass makes one a touch nervous. As the machine rammed away at her asshole and the vibrator worked over her clit, Kylie’s body betrayed her as orgasms where ripped out of her one by one. Next her mind betrayed her as her brain could not process her situation, and she begged for the ass fucking to stop. Porn Legend, Ass Queen, Kylie Ireland, begged for sexual mercy. A total melt down that even left her confused, on what really just happened. Enjoy!

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